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Believe Me - You Do not Want Cheap

Believe me. You do not want cheap. A cheap inspection could be the most expensive and disappointing thing you’ll ever buy; it can cost you thousands of dollars down the road because of missed or overlooked defects. Cheap home inspectors often know less and do less, which is one reason why they are cheap.

We Find More, To Save You More.

What We Do

We Get On Roofs
We Enter Crawl Spaces
We Enter Attics
We Remove Electrical Panel Covers and Look for Safety Threats
We Test Outlets and Switches
We Test Windows for Function
We Test The Appliances
We Turn On The Heat and Air Conditioning
We Turn on the Water and Test the Plumbing System for Leaks
We Check the Water Heaters
We Power Test Air Conditioning, Well Pump and Heat Pump Motors
We Provide Digital Photos
We Give You a 90 Day Home Warranty
We Follow The National Association of Home Inspectors Standards of Practice
We Find More Deficiencies
We Stand Behind Our Work
We Stay In Touch You and Follow Up Regularly
We Save You More Money

What We Inspect

Professional and competent home inspectors are fully trained in the proper operation of all common home systems. These systems generally include:

Structural Components: Foundations, floors and walls.
Exterior Components: Siding paint, windows, decks, garage doors, etc.
Roofing: Coverings, flashings, chimneys, etc.
Plumbing: Piping, fixtures, faucets, water heating and fuel storage systems, etc.
Electrical: Wiring, main service panels, conductors, switches, receptacles, etc.
Heating: Equipment, safety controls, distribution systems, chimneys, etc.
Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps: Cooling and air-handling equipment controls and ducting, etc.
Interior: Partitions, ceilings, floors, railings, doors and windows, etc.
Insulation and Ventilation: Attics, walls, floors, foundations, kitchen and bathrooms, etc.

Additional Fees

Additional fees can apply to inspect these systems:

Swimming Pool/Spa
Raised Foundations
Multiple Unit Inspections
Square footage over 4000 Sg. Ft.
Mileage Charge based on location of property to be inspected

Special Inspection Services

Additional fees usually apply for these inspection services:

Termite and Pest Inspections
Mold Sampling/Survey
Carbon Monoxide (CO) Testing
Radon Testing
Septic System Inspection
Water Well Inspection
Water Testing

Can be arranged at upon request

Types of Additional Services Performed by 1800HomeInspector.com

There are many other types of property inspections offered by home inspectors, depending on your needs:

Mountain Cabin Inspections
Manufactured Home Inspection
Standard Home Inspections
Pre-Listing Inspections
Pre-Purchase Inspections
New Construction Inspections
Multiunit Inspections
Condominiums (interior only)
Annual Maintenance Checkup
Specific Inspections (available upon request)
Expert Witness (Litigation Purposes)
Photographic Documentation

Home Inspectors should present the customer with a clearly written, typed or printed home inspection report, which must conform to the accepted standards of practice for the state the inspection is performed in or the standards of practice of the association that the home inspector belongs to.


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